Saturday, October 22, 2016

Leo 5.4-final released

Leo 5.4 is now available on SourceForge and on GitHub.

Leo is an IDE, outliner and PIM, as described here.

Simulating Leo's features in Vim, Emacs or Eclipse is possible, just as it is possible to simulate Python in assembly language...

The highlights of Leo 5.4
  • Added clone-find commands, a new way to use Leo.
  • The clone-find and tag-all-children commands unify clones and tags.
  • The new pyflakes and flake8 make it possible to check files from within Leo.
  • Added importers for freemind, mindjet, json and coffeescript files.
  • Rewrote the javascript importer.
  • Imported files can optionally contain section references.
  • The viewrendered plugin supports @pyplot nodes.
  • Improved the mod_http plugin.
  • @chapter trees need no longer be children of @chapters nodes.
  • All known bugs have been fixed.

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