Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Pentagon Labyrinth

I am a major contributor to the Straus Military Reform Project, a creation of my friend Phil Straus. This project has just released an important e-book, The Pentagon Labyrinth which you may download at no charge. As stated on the web site, you are encouraged to repost this on other sites.

This book consists of 10 essays by military analysts with 400+ years of cumulative experience in the field. Each essay is worth reading. Especially recommended:

Essay 1: Why is the Handbook Necessary.

Essay 7: Follow the Money. Shows how the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex has suborned the American political process.

Essay 8: Evaluating Weapons. Shows how incredibly expensive weapons "systems" are/will be almost completely useless.

Anybody truly serious about cutting waste from the budget must confront these essays head on, and then start reforming America's out-of-control military-industrial-congressional waste and fraud machine.