Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's time to recall all Wisconsin Republicans

This piece from the Washington post summarizes the situation well.

I have the following to add. For years now the ultra-right wing in America has perfected the techniques of the big lie: say something often enough and some (enough?) people will believe it:

- Global warming is a hoax.
- Obama is a Muslim and is not a US Citizen.
- America has the world's best health care.
- American Muslims are terrorists.
- The US Military is severely underfunded.
- Scott Walker is telling the truth.
- It's about fiscal responsibility, not about busting unions.
- Citizens for Prosperity has the interests of ordinary people at heart.
- Fox News is fair and objective.

But shameless lies and propaganda is risky. There comes a time when the lies are exposed and the liars lose all credibility. Think Soviet-era Eastern Europe: only a fool would believe what the Communist Party had to say about any subject. The Koch brothers, Scott Walker and the Republican Party have about as much credibility today in Wisconsin.

Many recall petition drives will succeed. True, American's have a notoriously short memory, but here the vital political interest of labor unions are at stake. They will not forget, lose focus or become discouraged. Once the petition drives succeed, the recall election themselves will become acutely embarrassing to the Republicans. It's one thing to use stonewall tactics in the Capitol; the same tactics will be suicide in an election.

The Republicans have acted shamelessly in Wisconsin. They will soon be called to account.