Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lawrence Lessig's plan to reform U.S. Politics

Two must-see videos about the present corrupt state of American politics and what can be done about it.

Lawrence Lessig's Google talk: Republic lost.

Lawrence Lessig's Ted Talk.

The solution: small-dollar campaigns, brought into being by

Repost: why I am finding it hard to program just now

Consider what's happening today:
  • one-dollar-one-vote democracy [0]
  • "neutered, impotent and obsolete" U.S. corporate media [1]
  • out-of-control military [2] and surveillance [3] establishments
  • worldwide inaction on CO2 emissions [4]
  • ongoing human-caused mass extinctions rivaling the previous "big 5" mass extinctions [5]
  • all enabled by 24/7 corporate-funded right-wing propaganda [6] and  [7].
Two novels emphasize the need for courage in the present circumstances:  A Tale for the Time Being [8] and The Winter of the World [9].  I recommend either or both for those who think the issues listed above are no concern of ordinary people.


P.S. If there is one area where I might still make a difference in the computing world, it might be high-speed analysis of types for Python. Lest you think this is a minor business, it is a fact that any useful analysis of computer programs (for example, any kind of refactoring) requires robust knowledge of types.