Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Leo 5.0 final is out the door

Almost exactly one year's work on Leo: a PIM, an IDE and an outliner.

Leo 5.0 final is now available here.
Video tutorials
Text tutorials

The highlights of Leo 5.0

* Better compatibility with vim, Emacs, pylint and PyQt:
    - Optional native emulation of vim commands.
    - Full support for Emacs org-mode outlines.
    - Better support for pylint.
    - Support for both PyQt4 and PyQt5.
* Better handling of nodes containing large text:
    - Idle time syntax coloring eliminates delay.
    - Optional delayed loading of large text.
* Power features:
    - Leo available via github repository.
    - File name completion.
    - Cloned nodes expand and contract independently.
    - @data nodes can be composed from descendant nodes.
    - No need to change Leo's main style sheet:
      it can be customized with @color and @font settings.
    - @persistence nodes save data in @auto trees.
    - A pluggable architecture for @auto nodes.
    - The style-reload command changes Leo's appearance instantly.
* Important new plugins for tagging, display and node evaluation.
* For beginners:
    - Leo's default workbook files contains Leo's quickstart guide.
* Hundreds of new/improved features and bug fixes.



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