Thursday, March 29, 2012

Leo 4.10 final released

Leo 4.10 final is now available here

Leo is a text editor, data organizer, project manager and much more.

Leo 4.10 contains 9 months of intense work on Leo. Several very important features are subtle; you could almost call them Easter Eggs, so please read the following notes carefully.

The highlights of Leo 4.10:

* Dozens of new and improved features and commands, including...
- Tab completion now shows all @command & @button nodes.
- Leo tabs may be detached from the main window.
- The Open With menu now works.
- The leoInspect module answers questions about Python code.
- Leo can highlight the pane containing the focus.
- The bigdash plugin searches across multiple files.
- Improved abbreviation capabilities.
- Improved handling of URL's.
- Improved editing of non-Leo files.
- Improvements create "weightless" unit testing.
- Improved Leo's home page.
* Easier installation on MacOS.
* Fixed almost 70 bugs.

The Easter Eggs

1. Tab completion now shows all @command & @button nodes.

Put all your common scripts in @command nodes in myLeoSettings.leo. Typing <Alt-X>@c <Tab> will remind you of the names of these scripts. You can execute the scripts by name without the "@command-" prefix.

2. Improved abbreviation capabilities.

Virtually any kind of abbreviation is possible. For example, ~a to ã.

3. Improved handling of URL's.

URL's can be used as links to other Leo outlines.

4 Weightless/waitless unit testing.

The mantra is edit, alt-4 (run-marked-unit-tests-externally), edit, alt-4,... Several seemingly innocuous changes made this work without "friction". The result is a remarkable increase in productivity.





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