Saturday, April 18, 2015

Leo 5.1 final released

Leo 5.1 final is now available at SourceForge. Leo is Open Software, using the MIT License.

The highlights of Leo 5.1

This release features @clean, one of the most important developments in Leo's history. @clean trees create external files without sentinel comments, yet Leo can update @clean trees from changes made to the corresponding external files. Steve Zatz explains why @clean changes everything.

More highlights
  • @clean trees preserve clone links and user attributes (uA's).
  • Reading @clean trees is faster than reading @auto or @shadow trees.
  • A new web page displays .leo files in the browser.
  • Added command history to Leo's minibuffer.
  • A new IdleTime class greatly simplifies idle-time handling.
  • Leo now honors @language inside @doc parts
  • @data nodes can be composed of their descendant nodes.
  • @shadow is now deprecated. @clean is superior to @shadow in all respects.

Mulder/Ream algorithm updates @clean trees.
Leo's home page
Tutorial videos
Leo's forum
Leo on Github
What people are saying about Leo
A web page that displays .leo files

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