Sunday, May 18, 2014

Repost: why I am finding it hard to program just now

Consider what's happening today:
  • one-dollar-one-vote democracy [0]
  • "neutered, impotent and obsolete" U.S. corporate media [1]
  • out-of-control military [2] and surveillance [3] establishments
  • worldwide inaction on CO2 emissions [4]
  • ongoing human-caused mass extinctions rivaling the previous "big 5" mass extinctions [5]
  • all enabled by 24/7 corporate-funded right-wing propaganda [6] and  [7].
Two novels emphasize the need for courage in the present circumstances:  A Tale for the Time Being [8] and The Winter of the World [9].  I recommend either or both for those who think the issues listed above are no concern of ordinary people.


P.S. If there is one area where I might still make a difference in the computing world, it might be high-speed analysis of types for Python. Lest you think this is a minor business, it is a fact that any useful analysis of computer programs (for example, any kind of refactoring) requires robust knowledge of types.





  1. I read your words on the Leo group a week ago. I have lost some of the motivation I used to have but have yet to find a reason.
    I have never read the book, but I always loved the title,
    Neil Postman., Amusing Ourselves to Death:,

    is that what computer innovation is once you get past the point of useful tool?

    the new focus for the climate change deniers
    seems to be of all places, the McLaughlin Group on PBS!
    for the past few months, maybe longer and I just didn't notice,
    the host of the show. McLaughlin, has taken every opportunity to
    egg on his right wing cohorts to thrown fear and doubt about the
    motives that science and politics might have to confirm the theory
    of climate change is caused by and can be cured by man.
    that we don't have to do something now.
    the hottest days are behind us in 1996
    that the hurricanes were stronger 100 years ago
    that something may be happening to cause the oceans to rise
    but it isn't us and even if it was we can't possibly change anything.

    you may be interested in an innovative prediction website that is currently
    accepting new members.
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  2. that took awhile to moderate! in the intervening year, took down the blog, the predictions, results and comments. they have concluded the research or ran out of funding.

    I was amazed at the level of discussion about things that may or may never happen. some of which did, some didn't against the backdrop of a game to collect points for making or backing a prediction. I hope it comes back in some form.

    not sure how much webarchive was able to salvage.*/

  3. Sorry for the delay in responding. Mozilla does not seem to be working on this site, so I've switched to IE.

    Re predictions. Some are much easier to make than others. For example, predicting changing climate is much easier than predicting weather.