Friday, July 24, 2009


Ive just uploaded psyco.leo, a file containing the major C sources for psyco. This is the file I will use to study the psyco sources. So can you. You can find the file here.

This is a large (1.3 mb), self-contained file: it will not affect any of actual psyco files.

P.S. I created this file using a script that scans a directory and its sub-diretories, creating @auto nodes for all files in a given list of extensions, in this case, .c and .h files. Reloading psyco.leo populated the @auto nodes with the contents of the corresponding external files. I then removed the @auto prefixes. Finally, saving psyco.leo caused the contents of all files to be written to psyco.leo itself.

P.P.S. Those of you who are Leo users know that @auto imports the external file every time the .leo file is opened. @auto has a series of strict consistency checks to ensure that writing an imported @auto file will yield the same file. These checks failed for some of the files in the psyco sources because of intermixed blanks and tabs. When those checks fail, the @auto import code puts an @ignore directive in the top-level @auto node.

Eventually, I may want to regularize the whitespace so that @auto doesn't complain. This could be done simply by removing the @ignore directives and saving the .leo file. That is, assuming that the version of psyco.leo still contained @auto nodes...

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